Oslo, 2005.

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On the 26th of December 2004 the calming and contemplative horizon line of the Indian Ocean swelled into a frightening, destructive and overwhelming force that forever changed so many lives.

This proposal dwells on the relationship between the viewer and the horizon line that lies in the sea. It offers different perspectives where the line can be viewed from above, at the ramp, at eye level, while descending the stairs, or underneath it when standing by the glass wall of water gazing at the other horizon, that of the deep seas.

A path of gray slate descends from the hilltop through the sand towards the shoreline and beyond it. It is a continuous set of stairs, framed through Corten steel walls, that ends in a wall of water, water that penetrates the land and is contained by glass, that allows viewing into the endless depth and comprehension of its power, through ones self-refection on its surface.

The particular location for the memorial was chosen for its gradual slope towards and into the water and for the sand that allows the memorial to be more accessible and approachable from various directions.

This scheme proposes a humble and private place to mediate on water at different levels, physically and metaphysically.